News about Areeya and her life

Areeya presents a free and exciting gallery


This naughty chick with dick loves trying out new outfits and turning into another person and tonight Areeya presents a free gallery full of her passionate pictures. Gorgeous cutie shows her big melons and teases her fans by sucking her long fingers and, finally, naughty Areeya shows her big dick and balls. Oh this hottie surely knows how to make a free gallery even hotter. Enjoy her other shows right here.

Hot Areeya stars in a video

Sexy Areeya loves her body and she is never tired of showing it to the world as well as of playing with her yummy boobs, tight asshole and long cock. Tonight, get ready for something really fascinating because stunning Areeya will tease her tiny anus in this burning with passion video. Have a good look at every inch of her hot body and especially at her dong and tits and do not forget that you can do it at this site as well.

Areeya fools around on webcam

areeya-webcam-01 areeya-webcam-02

Areeya is a very playful babe and loves showing her special games on webcam. You could even say that the nasty chick with dick takes the webcam everywhere she goes. Anyway that day she decided to masturbate and to use one of the pumps to please her cock. Enjoy this exciting scene with Areeya in leading role and do not forget to visit this site where you can enjoy even more of her wild games.

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Strong but hot ladyboy Areeya

ladyboy-areeya-01 ladyboy-areeya-02 ladyboy-areeya-03 ladyboy-areeya-04

Ladyboy Areeya is not only seductive but strong as well. She saves such a good shape thanks to her constant trainings and to her love for active life style. Of course, that is not enough and ladyboy Areeya spices her hard trainings with sex games. Yes, the naughty sex fiend knows how to use her cock and she proves that right on this site.

Collection of Areeya’s wallpapers

areeya-wallpaper-01 areeya-wallpaper-02

areeya-wallpaper-wide-01 areeya-wallpaper-wide-02

areeya-wallpaper-wide-03 areeya-wallpaper-wide-04

Kinky Areeya presents a collection of hot wallpapers with her stunning body in leading role. You can enjoy Areeya’s wallpapers or put them on your computer and study her body in detail. Areeya knows how to show off her curvy body with big boobs and firm butt and she does that only for you.

DJ Areeya plays for you

DJ-areeya-01 DJ-areeya-02 DJ-areeya-03 DJ-areeya-04

Though Areeya is a gorgeous creature it does not mean that she spends all her time on beautifying her body. This hottie has many hobbies and one of them turned her into a DJ Areeya. Yes, she knows how to play music and how to play with her boobs, butt and dick while dancing. Do you want to listen to her melons or blind eye? You can do that right at this site

Areeya fucks a watermelon

areeya-watermelon-01 areeya-watermelon-03 areeya-watermelon-04 areeya-watermelon-02

What do people usually do with watermelons? The answer is simple, they eat watermelons. Unlike majority of people, Areeya does not eat watermelons. Naughty chick plays with them. She thought out a very special game – Areeya and a watermelon. She cuts out a hole and fucks it with a long dildo to drink sweet juice in the end. Learn more about that fascinating game right here.

Areeya smoking a cigarette and dildo




They say that smoking kills but Areeya believes that sad thoughts kill. She believes that a person should enjoy life to the full and this is why she decided to make this series of pictures. Enjoy a smoking Areeya who looks so hot and seductive that it is impossible to resist her. Do not forget to visit this site where you will learn more about this Areeya and her smoking habits.

Areeya turns into Marilyn

areeya-marilyn-01 areeya-marilyn-02 areeya-marilyn-03

Areeya always admired Marilyn, especially her naughty character and perfectly shaped body. For a long time, Areeyea tried to become a new Marilyn but nothing worked out. Finally, she achieved success and is ready to perform her famous song and dance for you. Do not miss the only one performance of this seductive Areeya Marilyn at this site.

Areeya sucks a dildo

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Blonde hottie Areeya has a big collection of sex toys. She is a very sex-hungry babe and she uses her sex toys frequently. That day she decided to play with her favorite dildo. Areeya caressed the dildo with her plump lips, skilled hands and big boobs before moving on to something more pleasant. Learn the end of the story at this site.